2014 New GED Test

The GED test is being completed revamped and will have a new look and feel starting in 2014.  The American Council of Education, which administers the GED is partnering with Pearson Media Company.  This partnership will allow the GED exam strictly a computer-based test.  California, Florida, Texas, and Georgia will be the first states that will implement the computer-based exam across their GED testing centers.

Individuals that pass the GED will also receive additional, “Transition.” network support to help them in their journey to find a career and post-secondary education opportunities.  This network is expected to include a portal or personal counseling to assist in the decision to go on in higher education or to go directly into a career. 

These additional resources will be implemented to assist individuals will provide additional support to obtaining their goals.  Currently, many students lack the resources needed to make a sound decision once they obtain their GED.
Prior to the announcement of the new GED Test being established in 2014, there have been a total of 4 revisions of the exam:

1942 Series
1978 Series
1988 Series
2002 Series

The current 2002 GED Test series will continue until the 2014 Test series are rolled-out across all GED testing centers. 

The release of a new GED Test will be built upon college and career-ready content, which will be aligned with the Common Core National Standards introduced by the National Governor’s Association and the Council of Chief State School Officers.
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